LOVE and other enchantments ~ Review

This is Review #008 by Anmol Sing…

Arudhaa ~ The Rising One...

12659783_852325174889455_1869205552_nLove and other enchantment as its name suggests will give you 15 hues of love from the hands of 5 brilliant writers. I don’t think it is giving you tales but incidents and scenes of life which will prompt reader to weave the story of love in its essential shade! The ride with the book was a wave with its ups and down, stumbles and surprises. Each story will take you to a land of love of its kind! It’s a mixed collection which will please all types of readers.

Tanima Kedar : I consider this writer’s work to be the best way to start the book; her quote on love ‘As complex as the universe as deep as the sea, love is like a maze, getting lost, is the key’ gives the best impression and elegant kickoff to her section

Till death do us part depicting the emotional…

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