My fairy left,

Opening our jar of hearts.

Which was sealed by us,

Both hearts were attached,

Were stitched with a steel thread.

She pulled out her one,

Left me alone there,

And gave scars to me.

It was bleeding,

The jar was getting filled,

With liquid deep red,

Some sour tears were also mixed,

And the jar started getting overfilled.

In a free and broad road,

I stumbled,

Losing the way,

Where am I supposed to walk?


(c) The Squire: Page- A- Day- Poetry




You are so up
I can’t even see you clearly
Just a blur picture you are giving me
And pulling my soul towards

Up high on a tree
In a nest so green
You are staying
With all pleasures of life

I can’t hear your voice
Just a spiritual connection I am making
Keeping all things on my back
I am going to climb

We are two different people
Belongs to two different worlds
Still longings are here
Saying there is a hope for us

This tree, you are staying on
Have many hurdles for me
Easily can’t climb up
Need to be tuff

Near the roots, on the ground
Lots of nails are waiting for me, as primary guards
To stop me before I start
And beat all of them

Fitting big springs in my feet
I jumped and reached to tree
Without touching the nails lying down
Cleared my first hurdle

Vertical surface is very slippery
Can’t stick my palms on it
Slipping, going down on nails
Need something to keep me surviving

I can see you more clearly
This is motivating
Raising my level of hope
To come up to you

I took out my hooks
Climbed up towards the third hurdle
Got many injuries on my body
But I will not leave my hope for climbing up

Deadly poisonous thorns are here for me
To stop me and defeat my hope
But I won’t stop myself
Will use our spiritual connection and some tools

Wisely cutting all the thorns with cutter
I am coming
But one thorn pierced in my arm
Spreading all its poison in me

Lost some senses
Cleared one more hurdle
Now you are in front of me, but I can’t see you
From my eyes, but can hear you

Feeling your existence around and hearing you
I am coming up with more speed
Left with one more hurdle
Toughest one, your family

Me, a cat and you, a hawk
Like two poles of world
World never allowed us to meet
To come close and love each other

Fought with your family, the hawks
Almost dead I am now
Standing in front of you
Didn’t attain you, but now I can see you

My faith in me says
As I climbed up so high
Got hurt in many ways
Soon the world will also change

I hope, I believe
You are here in me
We will be together soon
Will be together for forever

(c) Copyright Afwaah Magazine