Interview Session- Varsha Dixit, The Bestselling Author of The Right Wrong Series

Hello friends, so today we have celebrity with us, the author of the famous and bestselling series, The Right Wrong Series, Varsha Dixit.

Varsha Dixit is the bestselling author of contemporary romance. ‘Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right’ her latest bookreleased in August 2016. To find out more about Varsha and her books visit her website or her author page on Facebook. Twitter: @Varsha20.

So lets start the session now…

  1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m an author of contemporary romance, a mom and a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light.


  1. What brought you in this writing world?

A love for the written word, an overactive imagination and a desire to leave some kind of a mark, I feel made me take up writing.

  1. What after writing?

I’m still writing and planning to do for as long as I live so there is no plan for ‘after writing’ J

  1. What made you write Right Wrong Series?

The desire to write a story about women friends and their intertwined lives.

  1. You live in USA then why your books have Hindi dialogues?

For I was born and raised in India. I moved to USA after marriage and in my late twenties. So I’m all Indian thus the Hindi dialogues.

  1. Tells us a name of the character that resembles you?

Not really a character but I would say the friendships they share, specifically Nandini and Sneha, are much like I do with my friends.

  1. According to you what is the real meaning of literature?

Something and anything which is inspiring and interesting.

  1. Names of authors you follow. And why?

John Grisham, JhumpaLahiri, James Patterson, Tess Gerrittsen, Michael Connelly to name a few. I like their writing styles, plots and pacing of the story.

  1. Anything about your upcoming work?

I am working on a few projects and will share when I’m closer to finishing them. However, romance is a thread common to them all.

  1. How can our readers connect with you?

They can connect with me on

Twitter  Facebook or My Website 

Her books- 

Only Wheat Not White

Xcess Baggage

Right Fit Wrong Shoe

Wrong Means Right End

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right




Book Review- Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

Book: Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right
Author: Varsha Dixit
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Price- 195 INR


Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!
Gayatri and Viraj both are products of childhood trauma. Yet they were able to survive, one because of her shrewdness and the other because of his genius. Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right, the final part in the best selling ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy is the story of these two damaged souls.
Gayatri Dutta, the poster child for rich spoiled diva is fighting to escape a life of servitude her tyrant father is hell bent on pushing her into. Her past string of failures have her backed against a wall. Lonely and desperate!
Viraj is a con who uses his genius to perpetuate his isolation. His life once of violence and abuse has left him cynical and cold. He shuns the society and its hypocrisies.
And then Gayatri and Viraj cross paths. She needs him and he despises her.
To Viraj, Gayatri, is the epitome of all that he despises, shallow, manipulative and the kind who uses her beauty as a weapon. Or is she?
Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. She is sure that Viraj with his nerdy demeanor, owlish glasses and crude behavior will be easy to manipulate and walk over. Only he isn’t!



Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully Right is third novel by Varsha Dixit. First two novels are Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End.
Though the titles are quiet same but its not a trilogy. Every book is new story with new characters. Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully Right is romantic journey of Gayathri and Viraj.

Book Title and Cover- Title is catchy as always and hints us about the story of two unlikes. Cover is beautifully designed with red colour.

Language and Narration- Language of this book is lucid and easy to comprehend. Narration is fruitful and story flows flawlessly with the given narration.

Characters- Gayathri is diva and main protagonist of our story. She has been under repentance mode where she realise her follies and tries to move on.
Whereas Viraj our male protagonist is workaholic man who is non-socialic.
Our favorite characters from last two books Nandini and Sneha are also in the story with their humour and lovely friendship.

Storyline and Plot- Story is written well with all the essential elements like love, friendship, brotherhood, motherhood,woman as a hero. All these elements helps you glued with the story.
Chapter titles are hilariously amazing. Its noteworthy to write that those headlines are one of the reason this book is unputdownable. Space of our book is fast and story closes with happy ending.

All in all Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully Right is yet another rom com novel by Varsha Dixit which i am sure you’ll love it. I would recommend this book to all the rom com readers.

I would like to rate this again with 4/5.


Book Review- Wrong Means Right End by Varsha Dixit

Book Name- Wrong Means Right End
Author- Varsha Dixit
Genre- Romantic Fiction
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Pages- 310
Price- 140


After a failed marriage, Sneha, a single working mom, has no time, or inclination, for love. She resists every matchmaking attempt made by the overzealous Nandini, married to industrialist Aditya. But then the past intrudes in the form of the gorgeous and rich, Nikhil, who brings along Gayatri to break-up her ex-fianc, Adityas marriage. Sneha enlists Nikhils help to salvage the situation. But how does she even talk to a man who clearly loathes her? As Nikhil and Sneha try to grapple with their egos and combustible chemistry, love blossoms.



Book Cover and Title- Cover designed beautifully with colours that are pleasing to the eye and there is even some texture in the print. Title is catchy and appropriate with the story. Blurb was upto mark. This book had good paper quality and font size.
Overall First Impression of our book is catchy

Language and Narration- Light Simple and Quick to read. Language and Narration combined with story flows effortlessly.

Storyline and Plot- Author has done beautiful job with this book and characters. Sneha the main protagonist of our book is sassy. I was shocked to read about her past. But she never came as victim. Nikhil is another protagonist who has killer looks, caring with dry humor.I loved the chemistry between Sneha and Nikhil. The sexual tension between them was fun to read. Also it was hilarious to read the mispronounced abuses by Sneha.

Last book’s major characters Nandini and Aditya are also involved here. But their story runs simultaneously with the story of Sneha and Nikhil. This time Gayatri also comes in the limelight again when Nikhil helps her in breaking the relation of Nandini and Aditya.

Story flows well with the all the scenes meshed beautifully. Pace of this book is fast and although length is 300+ pages, it is quick read. There are few twists and turns which hooked me with the book.

In short, Wrong Means Right End was a mixture of a funny romance and a teary sentimental tale with a tone of Bollywood. I would recommend this book to all the romance readers.

Because of little less grip for this book I can give this book 4/5 stars.


Book Review- Right Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit

Book Name- Right Feet Wrong Shoe
Authoress- Varsha Dixit
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Genre- Romantic Fiction
Pages- 234
Price- ₹195



What does a woman want? Shoes? Nope. Sex? Maybe. Money? Yes but nowadays her own …Hmm, so then what does today’s woman really, really deep, deep down want? Still your breath. LOVE!

And Right Fit Wrong Shoe shall give it to her. The story of Nandini or as her hesitant paramour describes her ‘lassi in a wine glass’ is set in the more-than-just-a-third-world-country’s city, Kanpur. She has been bitten, for better or worse, but definitely bitten, by Bollywood. Her spirit is undefeatable; she mocks certain death (Aditya) and suffers stoically for love (Aditya, again. Go figure!) Her accomplice in all her escapades is Sneha Verma- that one friend we all refer to as BFF, but function with, as chaddi-baniyan (or gracefully put as hand and a glove). The book begins at a point where all love stories end. Dripping with humour and romance, it encases a young woman’s thoughts on the society she survives in.

About Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman.Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.



Starting with the cover which is very well designed and finished with some tools like shoe and salon water spray which matches with the story and crispiness of the book.

The story is set up in Kanpur. Where the protagonist is working in a advertising agency AAA. The story revolves around Nandini, who is s movie freak and may be rarely had missed to see a new movie. Character like Nandini portrays modern independent women with a touch of Indian culture. She is very strong and a fighter but as we know at a point we all get down on front of destiny, so did Nandini. But Varsha Dixit didn’t let her stay same for the long time

The second major character is Aditya Sarin, an industrialist, foreign return, smart, handsome, intelligent, charming and the most famous bachelor of the nation is the hero of the book. Varsha Dixit has created this character like a coconut, outside tough and rude but very warm, kind and soft inside. In the initial stages he is very kind to Nandini but later he find ways to torture Nandini. At the same time he tries to take care of her in every possible way. There is a reason why Aditya Sarin’s realtion is different from the initial stages to the mid scenes. This suspense only comes at the end of the novel .

Coming to the story which is described in future- past time travelling. Sometimes while dreaming or day dreaming or while narrating to story to other characters Varsha Dixit has explained the past of the characters.

I liked the way Varsha has described the intimate moments by nit making them vulgar and keeping the intimity on. She has used these moments at mandatory places only not at any non mandatory place.

There are lots of bollywood dialogues in the book which gives the book a comic touch. From comedy i can’t forget the moments where Nandini and Aditya are fighting on pity topics. Varsha Dixit has very wisely portrayed those cute moments of a couple.

All the characters are perfectly described with proper attention to every character as per the demand of story. Blurb is short and descriptive. Overall the First Impression of the book is catchy and forces readers to read the content.

At the end i can just say that this book is very good and will keep the reader engrossed. But I wish could have more interest in the story as it could have been better. I liked the way author has kept the essence of suspense on till the last page of the novel.


Book Title and Cover- 4.5
Language and Narration-4.5/5
Characterization- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 3.5/5

Final Rating- 4/5

This book was given to Kalamos Literary Services for review. Contact them @ kalamosliteraryservices