Yama by Kevin Missal- Book Review

Exclusive book review of Yama by Kevin Missal, Review Nation 😉

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Book review : by Anmol Singh


IMG-20160215-WA0009What will you do if you have 24 hours to save someone?

A violent saint…

A man who claims he is Yama is punishing sinners by killing them according to the twenty eights hells prescribed in Bhagvat Gita. Who is he? What does he want? Is he a vigilante or a psychopath?

A delusional hero…

Iravan Rajpoot, an Ex-Black Cat Commando with a dark past is receiving letters with names and time limits. It’s no sooner that he learns these people will die within that time frame. He needs to do everything, risk everyone to save them.

An ambitious reporter…

Swati Kaushik, a widow and a woman who can do anything for success must team up with Iravan to stop the god of death and justice.

Will Iravan Rajpoot be able to find Yama while balancing out his personal life? Will Yama be…

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