I have many things to write,
head is full of ideas bright.
They are fighting to come out of my head,
trying to cover me in rain by making a shed.

Multi-tasking was going on in my head,
many colors were used in one color red.
Some were dark black and some were shining light,
which can spread sorrow or can make someone feel delight.

My emotions and my thoughts were becoming rivals,
head again and again was making time- travels.
Remembering the voyage of a crow in past,
imagining life of an unicorn in the future vast.

This empty mind is full off bustle,
without workers is trying to build a castle.
Solid materials are getting delicate in the store,
I am untouched by water, standing on a sea shore.

(c) The Squire: Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015


Two Soulmates

Fortune and misfortune,
Both are best friends.
Fortune was always praised,
Misfortune was always accused.
But misfortune was loved more,
Whereas hatred came to fortune.
He rarely meet people,
Rarely speak his spells for the world.
Misfortune is spread all over the world,
Kissing millions of people at the same time,
Fortune’s memories are great,
But very few came out.
But misfortune is again and again recalled,
To keep it by their side.
To not let it go,
To make it thy true lover.
Love is hated and,
Hatred is loved.

(c) The Squire: Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015