Demons In My Mind – Aashish Gupta

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A one-of-a-kind book, constructed on a detailed scrutiny of mind –human mind. The book talks about the power of a mind probing deep into the devilish character of the mind. The message of the book is the human mind should be in control else it can lead to disastrous result.

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The author very creatively convinces that the book is all about spirituality in the beginning of the book. The story starts with an old man Dakshesh, who, on his bed ridden condition puts across his last wish – meeting the 3 monks.

It was believed since generations that these 3 monks help in the attaining salvation of nirvana and that Dakshesh, who was suffering from epilepsy, wanted to die without any pain.

The author has beautifully crafted the stories of Rizwan, Murli and Joseph focusing on each and every detail making you feel, a part of the scene.

Dakshesh expected…

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Review : Karma 

Talks Via Heart

Book – InstaRead – Karma

Author name : Kevin Missal

Publications :Kalamos Literary services

Price : 75

My verdict :

The cover of the book is thrilling, designed absolutely well, connecting towards the plot and the story.

Language & Narration :

The language is very easy, connecting. The narration is really good, the author hasn’t dragged any situation. Its quick and thrilling.

My take on story :

The story is beautifully scripted, the twists and turns are unexpected, within the flip of few pages, you start analysing the plot slowly.

A story that revolves around 8 years back, the robbery, the rape that has happened. Though years have flew but the effect of the case has sharply pinned into Karman’s mind.
After eight long years, when he is waiting eagerly a parcel containing his favourite books to be delivered from Amazon, but when he gets in house. He finds his…

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Double or Quits – review

Author Ankit

Book – Double or Quits

Author – Shilpa Gupta

The first ever corporate story that did not bore me a tiny bit, I avoid book based on corporate background because the terms and tactics are something that isn’t easy for me to fathom. However ‘Double or Quits’ came just not as an exception but I understood too, the terminology and the working of market. So, I express the gratitude towards Author for making it easy for the readers like me.

The story is of Jyotsna Singh, a young, ambitious girl who rises even after the early predicament of life. She is a graduate of IIT and IIM-A, pursuing a successful career in investment banking. Everything was going smooth; Jyotsna the top analyst of country bagging each opportunity steadily and Sahani Hospital’s IPO was just another opportunity for her. It will ensure her a hefty bonus at the yearend so…

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Review of “Double or Quits “by Shilpa Gupta

Candid reviews

About the book :

Paperback: 300 pages

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; Latest edition (21 November 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8184959656

ISBN-13: 978-8184959659

Blurb of the entire book :

Racy, realistic and fast paced, Double or Quits traces Jyotsna Singh’s story against the backdrop of the treacherous stock markets. Losing her father at the age of 12 and brought up under frugal circumstances, Jyotsna grows up too soon. Nervy and edgy by nature, she morphs into a confident and charming young woman with a successful career in Investment Banking. Enter Aryan Sahani, rising corporate star and billionaire who wraps Jyotsna in his charms, but has plans of his own. Driven by her loyalty to the firm, a desire to break out of her lower middle class moorings and misplaced love, Jyotsna overreaches. She is soon faced with the dark side of the stock markets – a world where ambition, greed and…

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V.K. Karthika Steps Down As Publisher Of HarperCollins India



One of the best regarded names in Indian publishing, V.K. Karthika, Publisher and Chief Editor of HarperCollins Publishers India (HCI), has resigned from her position after a decade-long stint with the company. Ananth Padmanabhan, CEO of HCI, confirmed the news to The Huffington Post.

Karthika’s decision to move on comes on the heels of other major changes at HCI over the last several months. In August 2015, P.M. Sukumar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), left the company, making way for Padmanabhan, who, after spending nearly 20 years at Penguin Books India, took over the role in October that year. Read more

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Of New Book and New Life

Maliny Mohan

new-life-new-beginning-cover-photo-1It has become not much of a surprise that I disappear from this space for days or even months at a stretch. The situation or habit is so when it comes to many writers of this generation, with most of them pursuing writing as their passion/ solace, while seeking time to write down articles, short stories, novellas and even full fledged novels after sweating it out at their work place during a greater portion of the day. Kudos to their spirit!

Sadly, I find it extremely fetching a task to switch myself onto the writing mode after a long day at work. Most of my writing happens during the weekends or during short breaks between the courses I need to take up as part of my never ending medical journey. Not simply that, my social commitments too suffer an annoying lag when I am buried in the mutli facteted world…

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Author Interview #1 – Prachi Garg

Shades Of Emotions

After much consideration, now starting Author Interviews on my blog, where I’ll be Interviewing some of the Debut Authors talking about their books and interesting WIPs.

So, presenting here, The Beautiful and Inspiring young debutante Prachi Garg, the author ofSuperwomen.

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