Book Review- Where The River Parts by Radhika Dogra Swarup

Book Name- Where The River Parts
Authoress- Radhika DograSwarup
Genre- Fiction/Partition Fiction
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Pages- 288
Price- ₹295


But these things haven’t happened before. It’s August 1947, the night before India’s independence. It is also the night before Pakistan’s creation and the brutal partition of the two countries.
Asha, a Hindu in a newly created Muslim land, must flee to safety. She carries with her a secret she has kept even from Firoze, her Muslim lover. But Firoze must remain in Pakistan and increasing tensions between the two countries mean the couple can never reunite.
Fifty years later in New York, Asha’s Indian granddaughter falls in love with a Pakistani and Asha and Firoze, meeting again at last, are faced with one more final choice.



A lot of authors from India and Pakistan have written many books on partition but very few of them manage to touch readers heart without being patriotic and emotional for religion. Where The River Parts is one such book which is not only written beautifully but it stays with you after you’hv completed the book.

Book Title and Cover both are soothing and apt with the content. Both are eye catching and demands attention of readers. Blurb is short yet interesting and forces readers to pick up the book.

Narration is what this book different from other books written on same theme. The way Author describes the horror of partition and emotions of protagonist in different situations touches your heart. Characters are artistically shaped from lover to mother and grandmother. The different shades of protagonist in different roles is beautifully described.

Though plot is not very unique, the narrating skills and gripping storyline glues readers with the book. Author have handled critical situations with delicacy without being biased towards any country and religion.
Climax is unexpectedly beautiful and my favorite scene from this book.

I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to read books on partition fiction.

I received this book from Rupa Publications in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.