Book Review- Destiny of Shattered Dreams

Genre: Drama, Fiction
Book Name: Destiny of Shattered Dreams
Author: Nilesh Rathod
Pages: 244
Publication Year: 2016
Price- 200


An insider’s view into what goes on behind the glittering façade of corporate stardom, Destiny of Shattered Dreams is a fast-paced tale of a brilliant young man’s meteoric rise at business. It is also a moving portrayal of love and its fallibility.
Ambition, passion and raw courage are Atul Malhotra’s key aides to realizing his dreams as he learns the art of gambling for high stakes. What follows is a game of treachery, infidelity and murder. The book lays bare the sordid corporate-politico nexus that compels this once middle-class boy to deftly learn the ropes and negotiate a world where dirty deals and power plays can make or break lives, where one wrong choice could prove fatal.
A tale of yachts and hidden Swiss accounts, sordid affairs of lust, intrigue and exhilarating highs, Nilesh Rathod’s Destiny of Shattered Dreams is also the story of innocence forever lost.



Destiny of Shattered Dreams is drama fiction by Nilesh Rathod. With this novel, Mr. Rathod serves us one of the life-like characters and gripping storyline. This book come up with shades of human emotions with his characters as story continues.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title is catchy and attractive. Cover is apt but could be improved. Blurb is short and upto mark. Overall First Impression of our book is enough interesting for readers to pick up the book.

Language and Narration- Language of this book is simple yet lucid. Narration is decent and keeps readers hooked with the story. Hindi verses in the book is icing on the cream.

Characterization- Atul is main character of our book. Author has beautifully covered the different emotions of Atul in different phases of his life. Though there are many characters in the book, author has skillfully knitted them with the story with creating confusion.

Storyline and Plot- This book revolves around the Atul. His dreams, his hardwork, altogether his life. Story picks up the place from the first page only. The storyline is nearly perfect without any loopholes. Though, plot is not extraordinary, gripping storyline and strong characters alng with decent narration makes readers glued with the books.

All in all, The Destiny of Shattered Dreams is one of the finest books by Indian authors in drama genre. I would recommend this book to readers who wants to read hardcover books over masala books.

Book Title and Cover- 3.5/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Characterization- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 4/5

Final Rating- 4/5



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