Of New Book and New Life

Maliny Mohan

new-life-new-beginning-cover-photo-1It has become not much of a surprise that I disappear from this space for days or even months at a stretch. The situation or habit is so when it comes to many writers of this generation, with most of them pursuing writing as their passion/ solace, while seeking time to write down articles, short stories, novellas and even full fledged novels after sweating it out at their work place during a greater portion of the day. Kudos to their spirit!

Sadly, I find it extremely fetching a task to switch myself onto the writing mode after a long day at work. Most of my writing happens during the weekends or during short breaks between the courses I need to take up as part of my never ending medical journey. Not simply that, my social commitments too suffer an annoying lag when I am buried in the mutli facteted world…

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