Book Review- Fire Wings & Claws by Kiran Damera

Book Name- Fire Wings & Claws
Author- Kiran Damera
Genre- Fantasy
Publisher- Kiwi Books
Pages- 169
Price- ₹200


Meet Ian Rogers and Drake Williams of the Broadway County, your quintessential, typical American kids on a ride worth of the mighty life itself. Travel through the first installment of the series through the land of Scyrin dwelled by the wise elves, diligent dwarfs and the generous men. Witness the kids confront their destiny deep in the ruins of Schweringard, facing a mortal threat larger than that for their age, for their secret friend remains the king of all- the Scarlet dragon.



Fire Wings & Claws is first book of Fire Wings & Claws series penned down by Kiran Damera and reminds us of Narnia and Hobbit.

Starting my review with Book Title and Cover, both are appropriate with the content of book. Book Cover is designed beautifully but it is too plain. It could be made more dramatic. Blurb is short and could be improved. Language of the book is simple and easy to read. Narration of the book is decent and fruitful. Story flows smoothly with given pace and narration. Storyline of the book is good and serves a good fantasy book. Plot is strong and gripping.

Only drawback in the book is punctuation and grammatical mistakes. This book is poorly edited and requires proof-reading.

Also this book can be enjoyed by kids and teens. If you claim to be fantasy lover and claim to be dragon lover, this book is for you.

Book Title and Cover- 3.5/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 3.5/5
Final Rating- 3.5/5



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