Author Interview- Kiran Damera, Author of Wings, Fire and Claws

Quote: Everything you see is a work of your mind, so try making your mind work in the way you want to see your future. And never forget to believe in dragons!
– Kiran Damera.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I’m 21 and currently pursuing Automotive engineering at MIT, Manipal. I love dragons, elves, dwarves and everything that appears in Rowling and Tolkien’s works. Hiccup is my inspiration while Norbert, Saphira and Smaug flies over my many skies of imagination. Apart from writing I’m into Stock market and I like crafting innovative business plans. I wish to be a trader and would love to open a Food truck of mine!

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2. What is writing for you?

Writing is fun. I like people who write when they get an idea rather than try to get an idea to write!

3. Did you always want to be a writer?

I have been writing since I was six. In the beginning my writings never found its way till the end. Most of them usually dealt with supernatural and fantasy elements.

4. According to you what is the real meaning of literature?

A true piece of Literature shouldn’t act like a window to the work inside but should make the reader live every moment of the story.

5. Tell us about your book “Fire, Wings & Claws”.

Fire, Wings & Claws are the only set of things that none of the living except a dragon can possess. The book deals with many adventures of Ian Rogers and his side-kick- Drake Williams. It’s treat to read for dragon lovers and specially kids


6. What are your other interests besides writing?

Besides writing, I like reading about the stock market and analyzing the current trends. I have a great liking towards business strategies, I wish to set up a food truck one day.

7. Tell us about your upcoming work.

Fire, Wings & Claws is a series, there would be further installments to it. Apart from it I want to write an espionage thriller titled “Felix”.

8. How can our readers connect with you?

You can ping me on my Facebook profile or the book’s page. I am also on LinkedIn and good reads.


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