Book Review- Rearview: My Roadies Journey by Raghu Ram

Book Name- Rearview My Roadies Journey
Author- Raghu Ram
Genre- Autobiography
Pages- 312
Price- 195 INR


What is going on in the contestants mind? Does he admire me, respect me and hate me? Fear me? May be all of the above. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand the Roadies form that has F-k you Raghu, written all over it, I don’t understand the poster that was held up this year during the Chandigarh auditions that read, Baap toh baap hota hai. Raghu Rox, I see equal parts respect, equal parts loathing. Equal parts Raghu, equal parts the bully. There is a man tall, bald, muscular, intimidating who manages to induce terror and awe in all those who dare walk into his interrogation room. There was once a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood. This is the story of how that boy became the man he is today: part-time singer, song-writer and jammer, full-time producer, camera man and editor. Sherlock Holmes and Batman worshipper, staunch atheist with an innate fear of water and heights. This is the autobiography of the rudest man on Indian television. Raghu Ram, the original Roadie, split wide open.



I love to read autobiography and biographies of the people whom I love. It’s like interacting with them and knowing them very closely. However I never thought I will be reading autobiography of Raghu Ram. The bald, energetic, abusive man has always attracted me and made me think about him. Why is he so abusive? What was he before Roadies? How did Roadies actually start? And to answer above questions we have his autobiography.

The book is not having any fictional story which is supposed fascinate the readers because of imagination and skills of the writer but Raghu’s biography is such that I am highly motivated with it now. The title matches with the book and the cover is very intimidating and very attractive. But the book needed a little more editing.

The book starts with prologue where he tells us about his experience at Pune before audition on 31st October, 2012. Then he tells us about his twin brother Rajiv, how close the two brothers are.
With this book Raghu tells us about his childhood and his college days where he was physically abused by his seniors. He went further to tell us about his transformation from an average child who was bullied by his seniors into a man who could instil fear, awe and most importantly respect into those around him.

Raghu tells us about his initial days in TV industry, his hard work and determination. I loved reading how he used to stay awake and hungry for 7 days and 7 nights at stretch just to make sure that anything that he touched doesn’t look any less than perfect. His growth right from the first season of Roadies till the end is also described wonderfully.

Overall this is the book that shows us another side of Raghu Ram. This book not only holds your interest but, in the process, it also tells an inspirational and amazing tale of courage, resilience and determination. If you’re a fan of Roadies or Raghu, go for this you’ll love this one.

At the end i would like to rate this book with 4.5/5

So readers, grab your copy now…

Book was given to Kalamos Literary Services for review


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