Book Review- To Cancer With Love by Neelam Kumar


An anti-soppy, hilarious, cancer-wrestling memoir on life and its side-effects.
Can there be anything wonderful about being struck by cancer, twice? With a survival kit consisting of only humour and courage, Neelam Kumar brilliantly captures her struggle through the disease and shows how to kick adversity and come out smiling.
Kumar recounts years of illness, betrayal, financial hardships, relationship breakdowns and the death of loved ones besides the obvious emotional and physical trauma that she battles with. A story both entertaining and profound, To Cancer, With Love increases our understanding of the disease and will leave you marvelling at the resilience of the human spirit.
This book is an earnest attempt to help you triumph over anything life throws at you. An exclusive and unique interactive section will guide you through your personal challenges in a step-by-step and rational manner.


About the Author

Neelam Kumar is the founder and CEO of 9 to 5 Corporate Lounge – The Training Hub. She lives in Mumbai.


No book has ever impressed me much as this book has done. To Cancer With Love, I would simply say WOW… What a fabulous book.

From the title to the ending of the book, I am sure, you won’t dislike anything while reading. If I were given permission I would have quoted the whole book.

To Cancer With Love doesn’t only tell us the story of Neelam Kumar, her war with Cancer, and how she defeated this horrible disease, which sometimes scares our soul when we hear this term. This book will teach you HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE, not survival BUT HOW TO LIVE.

Part- 1 Carol and Me is a part where the author or the protagonist in the book talks with her inner soul, which answers to her only.

In Part- 2, The Sea and Me you will read the qualities the author has adopted from sea, the things she loves about sea and the lessons Sea has taught her so far.

The images, the techniques and the symbols are so wisely used that I felt like I am reading Poetry.  But I had to convince myself that I was reading prose. The language is neither easy nor very tuff, but everyone can understand it. This book has taught me a lot of lessons and most importantly fixed it in my veins that, NEVER GIVE UP…

Cover matches with the theme, very wisely chosen.

Thanks to Neelam Kumar ma’am for sending this book to me and also for giving me so much time to read it. I enjoyed this book to the deep.

Highly recommendable to everyone, no specific audience to target.

I can’t stop myself from giving it 5/5 stars…

Buy your copy now to get the lessons for life and to read Neelam Kumar’s Journey with Cancer in To Cancer With Love, My Journey of Joy


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