Book Review- Stranger Trilogy by Novoneel Chakraborty


The bestselling trilogy, The Stranger Trilogy surely deserves to get the tag of a bestselling series. Like other books in the market today, these books are a little different. It keeps the reader engaged. After finishing the first the reader can’t stop itself for reading the second and same goes for the next book.

The story is very gripping. I didn’t feel the story boring at all, from the very beginning to the end it kept me engaged.

But the only flaw I have got is that language can be improved, I didn’t like the intimate scenes written in this manner. The author should have used something else to portray his ideas. I accept that it’s the demand of the Indian audience, but that doesn’t mean everyone is habitual of reading such lines.

I loved the plot, from the start towards the end. There were few loopholes I found, but those can be ignored, not a major issue. The thing which inspired me the most is that the author has managed to keep the characters alive throughout the trilogy. It’s very hard to do such a thing. I find it very impressive.

There are few stages in the last book, which I can’t support, but I accept that we have different ideologies, so that also can be ignored.

New lovers or couples should read this trilogy, to know what love actually is. I can’t say that the author has defined it completely, but he has tried so hard it is almost done.

At the book launch of Forget Me Not,  Stranger in Delhi, Novoneel Chakraborty said a writer or an author should have an own writing style, so that the reader can identify the writer with the words written in the story, not on the cover. He had done the same thing.

My ratings- 3.7/5

And thanks to Random House for sending me this trilogy…

Grab your copies now from

 Marry Me, Stranger        All Yours, Stranger      Forget Me Not, Stranger

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One thought on “Book Review- Stranger Trilogy by Novoneel Chakraborty

  1. This book just came as a random pick and I never ever imagined that i would be sunk in to the last..First to say about the story, it is beyond the creative touch and hats off to the writer who invented such a different dimensional romantic thriller coming from an indigenous sector.
    The measure of term love expressed and elucidated is pristine.The two extreme version of a love that is blended with carnal touch and the love that sacrifices the carnal feel for the mere existence of the person concerned is matchless……the story may end with these three books but it will continue to stay in my heart forever as the way stranger is inevitable and can never be cut off from the protagonist life.


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