Mid-week Interview Session- B. S. Sarwagana Kumar

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am an enthusiast when it comes to writing and film making. All creative fields interest me. Creative people intrigue me. Currently, I am pursuing my digital film making course at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Apart from all these, I often fall into the vastness of spirituality.

2. What is writing for you?

It’s a beautiful art, I must say. Keenly, each thing has to be taken care of. I think all kinds of stories have been said already – it is just the way we present it that makes it distinct.

3. Did you always want to be a writer?

In a way, yes – there was this creative voice inside me that constantly poked me to do something beyond. But for that to burst out and take shape as a writer, it took so many hurdles and inspirations.

4. Who is your biggest influence?

My mother, father, and Gurus.

5. Tell us about Kaliyug.

Can I say, “It’s a big book and cannot be summarized?”. For starters, I found some interconnections between Parashurama, Agastya, Rama, Krishna, etc., etc., to have some sort of effect on the beginning of Kaliyug. I thought, “Well, that’s some new perspective!” And then, I began to join few more threads – a new surprising plots came out. Then I look at the big picture as described in our mythology, and my, my! To my surprise I found that all puranas, all Itihasas, Vedantas – all together were pointing at Kaliyug. Then I did a little research on what would happen once Kaliyug reaches its peaks. Based on these research plot, “Kaliyug – The Secret Plot” took birth. I don’t think anyone would’ve had this perspective towards our mythologies. It’s kind of hidden as bits in our Puranas – I joined the threads and stitched a costume – of course with a proper dye of fictionalizing a little. All of this was possible, I believe, by the blessings of Veda Vyasa and Shri Valmiki themselves!


6. What made you write Kaliyug?

Dharma is mocked at constantly by every ignorant. They know not, what is said why. There are people who portray wrong as right, and right as wrong. In the midst of all this chaos, my research began on what all this is about. May it be rants about Manusmriti, or rants about dowry, Sati, discrimination etc, people are rather interested in mocking a culture rather than knowing what it is about. So yes – I wrote it as an answer to everything that is a question against Dharma. Apart from this, the “Karma” equation I found in the midst of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Kaliyug, took my breath away – which is what many readers are appreciating me for, so far.

7. What are your other interests besides writing?

Film making. And I’m not ashamed to say – eating, a lot. I do all these three with great passion.

8. Tell us about your upcoming work.

As Kaliyug is a trilogy, the sequels are my first priority. “Kali – his secret love” and “Kali – Here and beyond” are the follow ups. If Kaliyug the secretplot is mesmerizing to you (as per the views of few readers), the sequels will be far more fetching…!

9.How can our readers connect with you?

I’m always available on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone is free to ping me at facebook.com/authorsarwa or follow me on twitter @author_sarwa. For sample chapters of Kaliyug: please do inbox me.




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