Sunday Interview- Kritika Sharma Author of Live-in with a Ghost

In today’s sunday special interview we have Kritika Sharma author of Live-in with a Ghost with us.

There is no success without hard work and struggle.
In case you get something without it, then it is not your destination… You are yet to find your goal…
– Kritika Sharma

1.Tell us something about yourself.

Firstly, thanks for giving me the opportunity to feature in your blog.

I am Kritika, I am enthusiast blogger and writer. I am author of 2 books, Manage your Manager (Non-Fiction book) and Live-in with a Ghost (Fiction Romance). I am also featured in 2 anthologies, The Master Stroke and The Scribbled Tales. My passion likes in reading, writing and cooking delicacies. Outside my writing bubble I am associated with Nielsen Company (a market research organization).

2. What is writing for you?

Writing to me soul nourishment. My writing is my life fuel, every time I am exhausted or way too mentally tired, I am just a page away from refreshment.

3. Did you always want to be a writer?

No, honestly when I was a child I never knew what I wanted to be. I used to write poems, short stories before but before 2013 never thought of publishing them.

4. Tell us about your book ‘Live-in with a Ghost’.

My recent book ‘Live-in with a Ghost’ is a story about Jia and Jai who meet in a tragic accident. It is a romantic drama in which where Jia is a normal human but Jai is actually a ghost. It revolves around their love story and the challenges they face given they belong to two different worlds.


5. What are your other interests besides writing?

I love to cook (when free) and sing. However, my biggest interest outside writing is to sleep whole day.

6. What is more important for you being an author, fame or money?

Money is not important to me. I make enough with my day job to have a decent life. To me it is vital that more and more people read my work and love it (hopefully)

7. Tell us about your upcoming work.

It is sexy romance which revolves around a woman who is entangled in a romantic relationship with a mysterious guy. It is soon to release in 2016.

8. How can our readers connect with you?

My readers can connect me through my facebook page:

Or they can email me at:

Book Links:

Live in with a Ghost:–Ghost-Kritika-Sharma/dp/9384315133



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