Weekend Meet- Interview Session of Pavithra Ramesh

Today we have Pavithra Ramesh with us in this Weekend Meet. Before starting the interview let’s see what she Pavithra has to say in her quote…

 “Follow your heart. No decision is a wrong decision and intuition never betrays.”
– Pavithra Ramesh

1. Tell us something about yourself.

Hi. I’m Pavithra Ramesh, a fun loving, enthusiastic girl initiating to inspire the young adults out there. I am a Commerce graduate from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru and set to pursue my MBA in International Business and Finance. I believe in living the moment and aspire to do big in life. Commitment and perseverance is what I follow.

A simple girl with complicated dreams; ‘Give your best shot at what you do’ is my basic mantra.


2. What is writing for you?

Writing. Well, it’s a feel good factor. When you love doing something, it’s all pleasure and no pain. That’s writing for me.

 3. Did you always want to be a writer?

No. I was clearly not sure about what I wanted to do. But writing is a passion and would remain the same.

4. According to you what is the real meaning of literature?

Literature is a medium that helps showcase your thoughts and perceptions. It is a language that expresses varied views emanating from different minds. A sole language that globally connects all.

5. Tell us about your book “No time to Pause”.

‘No time to Pause’ is a narration of a typical college student who decides to move to Bangalore (now Bengaluru), India away from her family who lived back in Dubai. She wants to pursue her dream course and decides things would be perfect staying alone and having complete privacy.

She shifts into a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation where she encounters a girl with peculiar thoughts and actions tinged by her past. She had strong opinions on ways of living and a very different approach to life issues. On trying to dig what exactly made her what she was, the story of her past relationship, which did not turn up as good as expected and the experience she confronted during those days are revealed.

Learning from the new acquaintance on how to cope with issues, the girl realises that she has matured from the days of running 100 metres at the sight of a cockroach to facing the brutal situations that life puts one under certain circumstances.

With the college term ending, she leaves the institution not only as an academic achiever, but also a strong woman ready to face the rough world out there. She realises that life keeps moving on and there is no time to look back or regret.

6. What prefers you more… money or fame?

Well, who would say no to both? An ice cream by itself is tasty but the toppings add flavor. Money and fame complement each other.

7. What are your other interests besides writing?

I love dance. I have been a part of various cultural programmes since childhood. It never tires me.

8. Self-publishing or traditional publishing, which one has better scope?

It depends on the kind of book and the affordability of the author. My debut novel has been self-published through Half Baked Beans. They truly stick to their title and are a great support for budding novelists. For a debutant, the kind of experience that comes along is remarkable.

9. Tell us about your upcoming work.

I would soon start working on my next novel once I finalize the genre.

10. How can our readers connect with you?

Connect with me through my novel. There could be no better place to start with. Please do mail me the feedback on rpavithra1@gmail.com.

You can also connect with me on Facebook.

Facebook page


You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to know more about me and my book https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArltpjz0y7_Umk0yo8NtLA

You can now order ‘No time to Pause’ on

Also available on Flipkart.

Please order.

Thank you for the interview.




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