Chat Session With Priyanka Lal, Author of The Rose Bush

Hello readers, today we have Priyanka Lal with us. She is the author of The Rose Bush. She is a teacher in Bangalore by profession but her passion has given her a different identity, that’s an author and an avid reader. So, now let’s see what Priyanka Lal has prepared for this interview…

1.Tell us something about yourself.

First and foremost, thank you for this opportunity and introducing me to your readers. I will try to answer all your questions honestly, as I find them really interesting.

I was born in a small town of Jharkhand, completed my studies from Sacred Heart, Ranchi. I am an entertainment addict, I enjoy movies, English sitcoms, reading as well as gossip. As a profession, I enjoy teaching but am into full time writing now which is my passion. I love corners and that’s where I was found huddled with books all the time ever since I can remember. There was a time when I ate, breathed and slept novels, reading 3-4 novels in a day. Now my time gets occupied by a You Tube loving four-year-old and a software engineer husband, with whom I live in Bangalore.


2. What is writing for you?

Writing is something that I cherish. I can’t think of myself without writing, working on my characters and their behaviors. It helps me express myself freely, create images then see them come to life in my mind and then in front of my eyes, via paper. I can live with my fabricated characters forever. Writing is an outlet, a therapy. Everything that my life so far has given me, the way it has shaped me comes out in my writing. It keeps me focused, sane and gives me a zest to experience and enjoy more of life. It is my past, present and future. I live so many lives because I constantly think what one or the other character would do, their reactions to situations I put them in. They always keep my life interesting, there is never a monotony, no time to get bored.

3. Did you always want to be a writer?

I have never thought of writing as a job, or my means of living. Though there is nothing wrong if I do get paid for it. I always knew, I will be writing one day. I had not decided about the time, or planned it but I was always sure the world will see and hold novels written by Priyanka Lal.

4. Who is your biggest influence?

I have spent most of my life with a novel. So all the influence has come from them definitely. On the way, when I met people even they rubbed off. I started reading mysteries first and then progressed to other fictions, genres. In what I write I observe, I try to maintain an air of suspense, so I think the strongest influence is of the mystery novels I started my reading journey with. I hear authors saying, they are not comfortable with writing something or the other. I never feel that inhibition. I think that is because I have read so many different books, so they have made me very comfortable with what and how I write. I try to write what I would want to read, that goes for the language I use as well. I don’t enjoy too simple language nor too complicated. With my work, I try to achieve that balance.

5. Tell us about your previous books and experience with them.

The Rose Bush is my first novel to have been published. I have faced the uphill battle that goes with trying to get a book published, so there is not much I could add to the grievances of a debut novelist. I had started writing a couple of books before I started this, and they are still work in progress which I hope to finish in the next year.

6. Anything about “The Rose Bush”?

The Rose Bush is a romance-drama. Readers say, it is written in a style markedly different from the other books available presently in the market. It is a journey on which the reader embarks along with the protagonist. It hooks the reader. It is a comprehensive story of a girl and her life, the men in her life be it her father, a boyfriend, a relation or a husband. The story has twists, turns and leaps. When one reads it they will find it real. As real as you and me. It’s a story of a girl, her aspirations, her dreams, her nightmares, struggles, her wins and losses. It comes full circle and embraces you. You find yourself in Kadambari’s story.


The book has so far only received praises, I know that sounds boastful, but that’s the truth. The novel is available on

7. What is Literature for you? Meaning and importance.

I particularly like this question of yours, Anuj.

Most of the writers I have come across (I come across many these days!) have forgotten the word, ‘Literature’ or assign minimum importance to it.

Personally, I think Literature is a treasure of mankind. It belongs to all and will survive the test of time. It is not limited by boundaries. The best of writings I have enjoyed have come from all over the world.

I believe, it must be safeguarded, and not be played with in the name of ‘it sells so I can write crap’. I have been advised, by some selling authors, the quality will never help you earn, lower the price and the language finesse, that will make you a popular author. Somehow I can’t bring myself to do that. How many of these low price authors do I read? Let me answer it for you, I didn’t even know the names of most of the ‘selling’, ‘popular’ authors until some time ago. A good quality book, in language and content, for me is my prized possession and that’s how I see the books that I read and enjoy.

Quote from The Rose Bush, I love.

My contribution to the world at large are the following words. “Everyone should have their heart broken. It hurts you, suffocates you and nearly kills you. The flip side is the intense pain only makes you a stronger person.”


8. What are your other interests besides writing?

Reading is my interest, hobby and now I have made it my leisure work. I give feedback / review novels on my blog. I have two blogs, one is dedicated to books reviews and impressions and the other I write about issues that interests me. It could be anything, election result to a talked about murder or environment issues. I believe in ‘Conservation of resources’ and try to practice them, I don’t preach about it much. I am not a very avid blogger though. I prefer working on my novels.

Editing is something I enjoy a lot. I do freelance editing for PhD scholars and have edited a couple of manuscripts for other authors, some of which have seen the light of day, while others are in progress.

9. Are you planning to come up with more books?


All my readers have appreciated my book, but they have also said that they found my book very lengthy. So by the end of this year I plan to come up with a collection of short stories.

I am currently working on four novels, which I hope to get published in the next couple of years.

I know my readers are eagerly waiting for my next work and I am working to the best of my abilities to come up with something that will form a relation with them like The Rose Bush did.

10. How can our readers connect with you?

First and foremost, via my novel of course. That’s where they will start to get to know me.

On various social media platforms.  They can follow me on Facebook, twitter @priyankalal21, Google+, Instagram.

My two blogs;


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