I Still Think About You

All the best Jenny

Shades Of Emotions

I passed through the fields,
Staring at the yield,
But I was impassive to its beauty,
My mind trailed through the memory lane.
I thought about you.
And the world around me went blank.

I closed my eyes,
And felt you this time, yet again.
I felt my hands wandering through your hair,
The pleasure that it instills in me.
I felt your eyes staring into mine,
The oceans of love I could see.

I open my eyes, startled,
As a hand taps my shoulder from behind
“Let’s Go.” said He.
I step out in a different world.
A world meant to be.

I look at him and wonder,
Will he ever be like you?
Will I see the same Oceans in his eyes,
And feel the same love as I did for you?

I shudder and give up.
It’s a life out of the books.
You don’t find true…

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