Meet . . . Anuj Kumar

My interview on Arudha…

Arudhaa ~ The Rising One...

Today we have Anuj Kumar contributing author in LOVE and other enchantments and the founder of Kalamos Literary Services……..Anuj Kumar 

  • What brought you into the field of words?
    • That was just an incident. An incident which gave my heart a little guilt and to overcome that guilt I chose to write. When I finally succeeded, I found writing interesting, so I continued it.

  • What is your approach to writing?
    • Writing, umm… I don’t have million friends to talk and share my problems, times when I can’t find anyone around I choose to write. So, it helps me to put out all the things hidden inside me.

  • What do you think is/are the disadvantage of being a writer/editor?
    • The path I have chosen is very tough, you can’t get success in the initial stages. So, this is a very bad point. In this industry, there are lots of…

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