Interview Session With Paromita Goswami

Hello readers, Today in the interview session we have Mrs Paromita Gosawami with us.
Read her answers to know more about here…

1. Tell us, Who is Paromita Goswami?

A mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and an animal lover.

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2. What writing means to you?

Writing is my life, my breathe. It makes me who I am. It’s the window to my world.

3. Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes I always dreamt of being a writer. It is in my genes you can say. More of a story teller. I love picking up my subject from day to day life, then observe it closely while at the back of my mind I am weaving a beautiful story about it waiting to be told.

4. Discuss your biggest influence here.

My father is my biggest influence. It is only because of him that I started writing. He was a brilliant writer himself penning down all his awesome experiences of life. Maybe someday I will publish his work too.

5. What else you do beside writing?

I am also having a book reading club by the name of, Raipur Little Minds Book Reading Club. The objective of the club is to grow interest in reading books. I am happy that today not just the kids but the adults are also part of my club. Apart from physical meetups we are also engaging people online. We have also announced HOLI CONTEST which is open online contest. The details are mentioned in the end.

6. What about your book, Shamsuddin’s Grave?

My book Shamsuddin Grave is an offbeat social drama based on the theme of Indo- Bangladesh partition. It is a very touching story and has won many hearts.

7. Why did you create “Book Promoting Community”?

Now that’s a very good question! Book Promoting Community is a facebook group. It is created to help promote each other’s work without any inhibitions. Anybody related to the world of books can join the community. We have members who are authors, editors, publishers, literary agents, beta readers, reviewers, book bloggers and many more. We are growing very fast as a group. Even aspiring authors and writers can join the community provided they have promo material related to books only. Now a very important fact about the group. We work on sharing basis. There is a guideline that you have to follow failure of which your post is disapproved and deleted. The community also hosts a monthly market, MANDI, where the prospect meets the clients. It is hosted on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

8. Would you like to share your best poetry with us here?

I am not a poetry person but since its World Poetry Day going on I will share one of my

9. Tell us about your upcoming work.

I am very busy these days with so many assignments in hand. Summer is round the corner and reading club needs more activities to keep the little kids engaged. As I said we have online members too hence the work is more. April I am taking AtoZblogging Challenge. Which means I have to write blogs with a theme everyday in the month of April. I am doing a Very Very Short Story of a 5 year old girl –

GROW UP MESSY. Below is the detail of my blog so that you can join me.

My next book is a collection of short stories THE JUNGLE SERIES genre paranormal coming up shortly. It is about the forests in Chhattisgarh which is also the home of various tribals who practice different rituals. Watch out for it in my author page mentioned below.

9. How can our readers connect with you?

Facebook :

Twitter :

Blog :


Reading Club :




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