Interview of Kevin Missal, Author of Yama

“Struggle is all in the mind, body and soul. So basically, it’s with you all the time.”
– Kevin Solomon Missal

After Yama’s exclusive review of Yama, a mythological thriller by Kevin Missal, it’s time to have a little chat with him in his interview. Let’s start-

1. Tell us something about yourself.

Hi. So I’m Kevin Solomon Missal. A 19 years old guy from St Stephens college, University of Delhi. I used to study in Faith Academy. But I know that’s boring part. What I Really am is a lazy guy with a broken laptop and some crazy imaginations. I work for Nerdboy Entertainment which consists a bunch of film fanatics who are always busy in making short films on different topics. I love movies of all kinds especially the classics. Right now, I’m concentrating on my book Yamas promotion. Do check it out and also wait for Mara, my fourth book.


2. What writing means to you?

Writing is necessity of my life. It’s an obsession. Without two days of writing, my mind stops functioning. I have to think about plots and characters and twists until my head hurts so I have to rest.

3. Who is your biggest influence?

The Classics. I read all sorts of them when I was small. Obviously, the unabridged version. But the most of all was Godfather and Charles Dickens.

4. When did you start writing and at what age you made your debut here?

I began at the age of 12. They were on pages, hand written and were atrocious. My actual writing started at the age of 13 when I wrote a fifty page novel that I presented to Scholastic who turned me down sweetly, of course as I was too small. And at the age of 14, I wrote Damien Black the Battle of Lost Ages published by Diamond Pocket Books.

5. Did you face any challenge in publishing your debut book and Yama?

My challenge was not so much. The publisher handled everything. Even for Yama, the challenge wasn’t much. I wrote a book called “Mara” (which’ll release later) and I sent it to Half Baked Beans. They liked it and accepted. I had a two first rejection books I had to send them. I sent Yama as I finished the book in a week. And in another week, I got their approval.

6. Why did you choose to go with traditional publishing instead of self-publishing?

I didn’t. The traditional publishing chose me. There was a time I was so frightened by the prospect of not getting accepted that I was ready to self publish the book. But then Half Baked beans to the rescue!

7. Some other interests besides writing?

Filmmaking is my passion too. I am part of a fledgling production company called “NERDboy Entertainment”. Sounds lame, I know.


8. Tell us about your upcoming work.

“Yama” is a mythology/crime/thriller/suspense/superhero fiction. It has a lot of genres with twists and turns in every chapter and even the chapters are two pages long. To summarize it, a serial killer by the name of Yama begins to kill sinners according to the 28 hells prescribed in the Bhagvad Gita. He’s cold and calculating and for some, he’s a beacon of hope. To battle him, there’s an ex-army man who has to deal with his family problems as well as his brutal pasts of his army days and solve the mystery of who is Yama before he sets out to kill more of sinners. But the question is, do these sinners deserve to be saved?


9. How can our readers connect with you?

By reading my book and sending me a feedback on You can even send me texts/calls—9811051338.

My facebook page-

To preorder Yama check this link –

Thanks. 😀 🙂


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