Words From Kashmir- Interview Session With Perveiz Ali

Hello everyone, This is Anuj Kumar, your host here.

So today’s day is very special as we have a young guy with us. He belongs to a mortal heaven, which is Kashmir.I welcome Mr Perveiz Ali, from the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir, Pampore. A multi talented man is a poet from heart but he also loves to write stories.

“How can one dream of a progress without love to a struggle.”
– Perveiz Ali


So let us start our exclusive interview with Perveiz Ahmed, from Kashmir.

1: Tell us something about yourself?

Born in the eighties in Pampore, the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir. By qualification I am a naturalist, by profession an administrator and a teacher and by passion I am a writer. In simple terms, I am a Human with humane feelings against the drawing of blood, intimidation and oppression. I grew up in a middle class family mostly associated with agriculture, where reading and writing is regarded as an important asset.


2: What is writing for you?

Writing is my passion, a dream I follow tirelessly day and night. I use it to paint the white canvas of my life with appealing, enthralling and optimistic artistry using wordplay pertaining to different facets of life. It is a way to introduce my inner being to the world.  The world knows me through my actions, but my writing puts my inner self on display. It gives readers a deeper look into my soul.

Writing is a medium to express one’s stand on the different issues one is interested in. It is a platform to foster the seeds of world peace and universal brotherhood. It serves to awaken the consciousness of future generations, planting the seeds of hope and a sense of Coexistence, which can help us bring back the lost glory of humanity.

Writing is a tool, to steer momentum towards the much needed positivity and welfare of the world. This is accomplished by nudging the minds of people, to think about the place they are living in, with an approach towards humanism.

3: Did you always wanted to be a writer?

To be frank, this one is very difficult to answer as one can’t say with certainty in black and white what ones wish is to be in life in early age. Different trends comewith a surface, especially in developing societies which in turn lure the young and enthusiastic generation for different portfolios. To be a doctor or engineer at one stage or teacher and civil servant atanother stage is a common wave in such society. Being the part of such society I was not an exception.

But from my school days, my inner self always prompted me either to appreciate the happenings going on around me or to raise my hands in reservation to the acts/thoughts not good for the world in general and my homeland, Kashmir in particular. It is this inner cry, which I used to share, with extra care to my daily diary. Whether you call it my aim to be a writer from the very beginning or an inclination towards being a writer, it is up to you. Let me clear, from my childhood days a kind of fascination for newspapers, magazines and books of general nature has taken a pivotal role in my life. Reading books ranging from religious to irreligious broadens the vision besides welcoming with an opportunity to choose a stand based on logic and rationale. Whether I liked to send my writing stuff for publication or not, but the darling friendship with paper and pen is not new at all but as old as my life of conscience is.

4: Who is your biggest influence?

Prior to your question, let me share something which I value most as it fashioned my writing skill a lot. Once I came in the writing filed, I think I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to meet Carl Pontiak (Jamaica), a poet, critic and editor and Brigitte Poirson (France), poetess and university professor. Both of them infused the skill of verse weaving in way that I can’t explain in words.

There is not any single personality who influenced me most but fairly a large number, among which I would like to mention a few ; William Shakespeare, Rumi, Mark twain, TS Eliot, Walt Whiteman, Sean Heaney, Elf Shafak


5: Being a Kashmiri we would like to hear something about Kashmir from you?

Kashmir, my homeland… My passion, From an aesthetic point of view, Kashmir needs no explanation. Its tagline “Kashmir – A paradise on earth”… is enough to describe this wondrous piece of land on this planet of wonders.

Talk to any common Kashmiri about the Kashmir, their question is the same “When is it all going to end?”

This soil has witnessed the death of a hundred thousand Kashmiri, at the hands of security forces amid thousands of disappearances. The leaders of India and Pakistan are well aware of the ground situation and realities in Kashmir, but they are not educating their people about the atrocities.

The present scenario is such, that if the government takes even an insignificant step towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue, the opposition will be ever ready to blow it out of proportion.  A common Kashmiri challenges the sincerity of India in resolving the issue. They resort to the same age old tactics of indulging in talks followed by talks and then by more talks just to keep it in cold storage.

Moreover, miscalculating and misrepresenting the situation has become common agenda.  Poll results are compared with people’s trust in India, stone pellets are associated with LeT and ISI and general protests with Pakistan.

Whatever the reason is, be it either India or Pakistan, or any other agency working in Kashmir, kashmiris have suffered a lot irrespective of religion.

We have seen the massacres, custodial killings and daily bloodbaths. This has to end. We may spend millions even billions for aesthetic and developmental projects but for whom? Who truly benefits? All at the cost of deprived humanity?… Sorry big No!!!


6: Would you like to share the best poetry with us.

For poet, poetry is simply poetry not best or worst. Here I would like to share a few but for reading my inner being you have to wait a bit more.

Love’s Garden

Here is a garden in a lush land,

Nestled in a green mountain gap,

Picturesquely beautiful and sweet,

A natural resort of health and calm

Where sweet mountain air fills the blood,


A combination of aromatic breezes,

Glittering waters and green forestry,

Colorful flowers of vibrant colors.

The virgin roses open their petals

To keep the fragrance of love alive


Here wounds of worries are healed,

Caressed gently by Mother Nature

Spring and summer set a natural theme.

Winter ushers out with a frantic scream.

One can walk here as if in a dream.


Happiness floods the emotions subtly.

Bringing smiles and radiant glows,

Red maple leaves on strong trees

Sing songs, dancing in the wind.

Listen closely to a sweet concerto!


Such peaceful commune with nature,

Soothing moments to gratefully cherish

Under blue skies and among butterflies,

Sharing with birds and woodland creatures:

A paradise unsoiled by hate, love supreme.



Human beings…..

In a race to change

The very definition of humanity,

Only to get baptized in insanity.



Rhapsody of Parliaments and Governments,

To bring a system of popularity

Full of hate and inequality.



Mobilize the art of duality,

Impress the subordinates with cruelty,

Pave a way for ambiguity.



Refine the art of deception,

Brainwashing the public view,

Discourage insightful review.



Racing the horses of wishes

Full of illogical ideals,

Manipulate us, as they steal the treasure.



Busy projecting arcane results,

Doubtful about own native cultures,

Relishing the limelight, like vultures.



Passionate to be remembered,

Print their names on streets and buildings,

Boards and Committees their starlings.


Social workers….

Administer the theoretical concepts,

Bridge the recognised social rifts,

Actually dedicated to subjugation and wanton theft.

7: Tell us something about your upcoming work?

Two poetry collections are in processing. One about my homeland, Kashmir in which my utmost attempt is to continue the project of Kashmiri landmark Poet Agha Shahid Ali “To let know the world the pain and misery Kashmir is suffering from long.” Secondly, I would simply love to foster this one called “Love and Nature.” This has a diverse theme aiming to foster the ground for universal brotherhood.

8:Any message for young and budding writers?

To the future writers who follow this path? I would seek to tell them to always write about their passion for whatever they truly love and have interest in.

Embrace the differences in us humans and write about it with tolerance and understanding of the need for peace and love.


9: How can our readers connect with you?




email:  justperveiz007@gmail.com




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