You, an illegal girl,
not allowed to meet me.
You are a business object,
not meant to be kept close.
You really can’t read me,
but I can fully go through you.
You can kiss my cover only,
but I can eat all of you.

You stay in palace,
get good and royal care.
Locked behind big walls,
still savages like me do stare.
We break walls to come in,
then seize you more inside,
at our time of leaving.

Your legal buttons are useless,
my heart, eyes and soul are shameless.
These eyes always wished to see you devastated,
want to so you ruined.
We ruin you daily,
with your will,
which is truly not yours,
but who cares,
I am getting pleasure,
that is enough important for me.

One guy came to you,
to stop your business,
and got trapped, as stains caught him.
He became a pimp,
is now earning money,
By your one single body,
He is pacifying hundreds of souls.

You are licensed,
coming to you is not a crime.
Then why I am fearful,
to disclose, I am coming to you.
you are right,
true, open and paid,
Then why I am afraid?
Because, for me you are an illegal girl…


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